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Players, Coaches, and Others continuing their baseball careers
current summer
name local connection organization team
Accardo Jeremy Illinois State  
Ariola Adam Normal Community ’09 Central College (IA) Lexington Snipes
Aper Ryan Lincoln HS ’11 Lincoln Land CC
Beard Chris Lexington HS ’11 Illinois Wesleyan  Lexington Snipes
Birlingmair Jacob Normal West ‘10
Bixby Tyler Normal Community ‘12 North Central College
Brown Blake Normal West HS ‘09 Atlanta Braves MiLB
Brown Connor U High ’10 North Central College Lexington Snipes
Brucker Jesse GCMS ’11 Monmouth  
Bruning Tyler LeRoy ‘09 Illinois College
Buhs Tyler GCMS ‘10 Heartland Comm. College Lexington Snipes
Builta Connor Blue Ridge ‘12 Illinois Wesleyan  McLean County Stars
Carter Jason Central Catholic HS ’11 Lincoln College
Coonan Tim Central Catholic ’11 Illinois Wesleyan  Lexington Snipes
Copeland Ryan Illinois State ’10 Johnson City Cardinals
Depew Morgan Normal Community Illinois Central College  McLean County Stars
Eigsti Jarrod Eureka HS ‘09 Bradley University
Facker Tyler Eureka HS ‘10 Elmhurst College
Fike John LeRoy HS ’09 Robert Morris College
Fisher John Tri-Valley HS ‘12 Illinois College
Frahm Matt Olympia HS ’09 Lewis University
Fredrickson Taw Fisher HS ‘12 Webster University
Froese Miles Heyworth HS ‘11 Olivet Nazarene  McLean County Stars
Gaither Jordan Olympia HS ‘09 Monmouth College
Gerard Ray Normal Comm. HS Monmouth College
Gilles Cody Normal Comm HS ’08 Wisconsin-Parkside
Glenn Matt Olympia HS ‘11 Monmouth College
Gschwenter Luke Pontiac ’10 Monmouth College
Hainline Chase Olympia University of Illinois  McLean County Stars
Heaton Ben Central Catholic HS ‘09 Augustana College
Heaton Jesse Central Catholic HS College of St. Scholastica  McLean County Stars
Hendrin Jacob Normal U-High ’12 Heartland CC  Lexington Snipes
Hendrin Jared Normal U-High ’12 Heartland CC  Lexington Snipes
Hinshaw Chad Normal Community HS ‘09 Illinois State University
Holt Zachary Central Catholic ’12 South Dakota State McLean County Stars
Johnson Dylan Bloomington HS ‘10 Illinois State University
Johnson Zac Normal Community HS ‘09 Illinois State University  Oneonta Outlaws
Jones Austin Lincoln HS ‘11 MacMurray College  
Kennedy Joe Pontiac ’09 Elmhurst College
Kern Ryan Bloomington HS ‘09 Olivet Nazarene
Klemm Aaron Lincoln HS ‘11 Monmouth
Litwiller Cody Eureka HS ’11 Lincoln College
Long Jacob Pontiac ’10 Rhodes College
Long Kenny Illinois State ’12 Houston Astros MiLB
Loy Nathan Normal West ’09 MacMurray College
Luckey Chris Fieldcrest HS ’10 Milwaukee SOE
Ludwig Alex Bloomington HS ‘10
Mardis Matthew Bloomington HS ‘12 Illinois Wesleyan McLean County Stars
Martinez Ryan Normal West ’10 Webster University Lexington Snipes
McAlister Ben Central Catholic HS ’10
Montcalm Ryan Lincoln HS Kankakee CC Lexington Snipes
Moore Colton Normal West HS ‘09 Lindenwood Univ.
Morris Andrew Tremont HS ‘10 Illinois College
Neece Wes Lincoln SIU-C
Neumann Dalton Dee-Mack Spoon River CC  McLean County Stars
Newby Ryan Normal U-High ‘12 Illinois Central College
Osnowitz Max Normal Comm HS ’11 McKendree Univ.
Osnowitz Mitch Normal Comm HS ’09 Lindsey Wilson College
Pratt Spencer Olympia HS ‘10
Riggins Harold Normal West HS ‘08 Modesto Nuts
Ritchhart Joel Lincoln HS ’10
Roach Jimmy Tri-Valley HS ’12 North Park
Roberts Jacob Pontiac ’10 Milwaukee SOE
Rogers Trey Fisher HS ’11 Heartland CC Lexington Snipes
Rogers Trey Normal West ’11 Illinois Wesleyan  McLean County Stars
Rutledge Kyle Normal Comm HS ’11 McKendree Univ.  
Schopp Zac Olympia HS ‘11 Illinois College
Schrader T.J. Dee-Mack ’12 Illinois Central College
Sery Wes Normal Community ’12 Northern Illinois  Lexington Snipes
Siefert Adam Normal West ’11 Illinois Wesleyan Lexington Snipes
Stewart Luke Normal West HS ‘06
Stroud Clint Olympia HS ‘10 Illinois State University Lexington Snipes
Talbert Zack Olympia HS Kankakee CC McLean County Stars
Taylor Brandon Normal Community ’11 Heartland CC
Turner Brent Normal Community ’11 Western Illinois
Uhlman Blake Tremont HS’12 Illinois Central College
Van Winkle Jake Heyworth HS ‘09
Weld Lee Fieldcrest HS ‘09 Southern Illinois University
Workman Matt Tremont HS ‘09 Illinois Wesleyan
Zaleski Kyle Illinois State ’04 Bridgeport Bluefish
Zindel Zach Olympia HS ‘10
Zobrist Ben Eureka HS ‘99 Tampa Bay Rays
name local connection current organization current position
Bartman Andrew Lincoln HS ’01 MacMurray College head coach
Bogar Tim Former Normal resident Arkansas Travelers manager
Comadena Jordan Normal West Madison Mallards assistant coach
Hawkins Chris Lexington HS ‘87 Normal West HS head coach
Johnson Derek Normal U-High Chicago Cubs minor league pitching coordinator
Kellar Michael Ridgeview HS Sienna College assistant coach
Dubois Billy Lexington HS ’90 Lexington Snipes head coach/GM
Stalter Michael Olympia HS ’06 Heartland CC
assistant coach
name local connection current organization current position
Freed Dan Lexington HS Oakland Athletics scout
Matthews Denny Central Catholic HS Illinois Wesleyan Univ. WJBC radio Kansas City Royals radio announcer
Stewart Jeff Normal resident San Diego Padres scout