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About Us

Cornbeltbaseball.com is the result of a conversation among a few umpires who saw that many summer teams were having difficulty finding and managing umpires.  We figured we could consolidate much of this information into one place to help in this annual process.

However, it’s turned into much more.  Utilizing the experience of several local baseball nuts, we decided to make this as close as possible to a one-stop shop for everything baseball in Bloomington-Normal and surrounding areas.

Currently, our primary staff is as follows:

Jack Warren, editor

Former coach, current umpire.  You may see him on the field any time from March to October.  He loves the game and loves to share this passion.  Jack’s current favorite pastime is coming up with a big idea and then asking Tom Jackson to do it.  He’s always looking for new ideas, photos, and other folks who might like to share their love of the game through their writings or other contributions.  Contact him at jack at cornbeltbaseball.com* with any tips or suggestions or use the CONTACT button on the left of your screen (unless, of course, you work for a large insurance company in our town that has Flash disabled on your workstation).

Tom Jackson, CornBelters editor

This guy REALLY loves baseball.  Wanna talk baseball?  Track Tom down any time, any where and be prepared to find out about his passion. Tom posts coverage of Central Illinois’ newest minor league team, the Normal CornBelters – with the assistance of outstanding photos by Brad Thede – as well as writing his blogs Late in the Game and The Cap Geek. You can also catch Tom almost any time from May through October at the PONY complex, wearing the old school unis and grooving the swing.  Contact Tom at tom at cornbeltbaseball.com*.

Brad Thede, Photo Editor

Brad provides photos for CornbeltBaseball.com to share his passion for baseball and photography with others.  You may see him at any local game, either taking pictures or umpiring. If you’d like to contact Brad, you can email him at brad at cornbeltbaseball.com*.  Check out Brad’s photo galleries here and here.

What you see now is what Google might refer to as a BETA.  It’s nowhere near complete, but we hope that with the help of the local baseball community, we might fashion this site into something informative, helpful, and entertaining.

Jackson White, Writer and Stat Man


This guy is the reason Jack keeps Tom around. As Tom’s nephew, Jackson has the baseball bug, big time — and it shows with every Stat Man column, CornBelter recap and feature article he writes! A huge baseball fan since age four, Jax is also an outstanding ballplayer — he co-captained the baseball team at Far North Chicago Suburban Grayslake High School, helping lead that school to a record 30 wins; he attends Knox College in Galesburg (Tom’s alma mater), where Jax plays baseball (as his Uncle Tom did); and he’s also a valuable member of the Knox sports information department. Jax isn’t just into baseball — he was also a varsity golfer at Grayslake. Plus, he’s a lefty, and proud of it!

Please contact us with any suggestions.

=> news tips:  tips at cornbeltbaseball.com
=> suggestions:  info at cornbeltbaseball.com
=> field info:  fields at cornbeltbaseball.com

* use regular email formatting in the email addresses.  Our addresses above are a cursory attempt at confounding the spam robots.