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With the closing down of active coverage for CornbeltBaseball.com, we are making the site and domain available. If you’re interested in acquiring this site, please drop me a note at [email protected]

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Changes are coming to CornbeltBaseball.com in 2014

Submitted by on February 25, 2014 – 2:35 pm

by Jack Warren, CornbeltBaseball.com editor

2014 will brings a few changes to CornbeltBaseball.com. Despite our best efforts the last few years to keep up, we’ve just gotten overwhelmed because of the sheer amount of baseball coverage we’re trying to provide with the resources that are available to us.

Tom Jackson and I have carried the load pretty much since day one, with a great group of contributors and interns that come and go. One of the things that’s become obvious is that in order to continue to provide quality coverage in some areas, we’re going to have to cut back in others.

What that means as we begin the 2014 season is that the high schools will need to be covered in more of a general fashion. There will be no drilling down to individual teams and players on a regular basis and, hence, no post season awards for high school baseball. We will continue to track our former area players at the next levels, but regular high school coverage will be cut back significantly.

Also, at least for the foreseeable future, our flagship podcast, Cornball: Diamond Chatter with Tom and Jack, will be on hiatus. We discovered just a couple of months ago that our long time host, Boo Boo’s Dawghouse, was going out of business. Todd Maynor and his staff were such gracious hosts and our guests love meeting there for our recording sessions. This has left us with no home for the time being. I imagine that we will be able to find one, but the fit at Boo Boo’s was just perfect. There are many factors that go into this, so it’s not just a matter of finding an eating place…although we’ll consider offers :)

On the good news side of things, Tom will continue his Cap Geek feature and, barring delayed rehab, we should be seeing some things in the Old Guy Baseball forum once Tom rejoins the fray later this summer.

Last summer saw an increase in our collegiate baseball coverage and we expect more of the same this Spring. Heartland and Illinois State are ready to go with full time coverage, although we’re still hoping to find someone to cover Illinois Wesleyan for us.

And the Snipes, you ask? Well, as long as there’s a Billy Dubois, we will always let you know what’s going on with the Snipes.

There’s good news as far as the CornBelters are concerned. Our coverage has been minimal the last two summers as the previous interns we had were not replaced and we just didn’t have the resources for adequate coverage. This summer we have an intern from Illinois State who will be covering the CornBelters all summer and we’re expecting good things on this front. Not only will we have regular game coverage, but plenty of feature stories as well.

We’re still loving our baseball here in and around Bloomington-Normal, but will only grow as the resources allow. If you’ve got a journalist inside of you just waiting for an outlet, let me know. Also, If you know of a photographer who’d like to get some reps in this spring and summer and get his or her work out in public, have them drop me a line.


Alright – let’s get some baseball weather!

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